2v2 CUP July 27/28


2v2 MGE Poster

My Gaming Edge (MGE) is the ultimate training ground for 1v1 and 2v2 deathmatches. Some play it to get better, others play it for fun. There are a small group of players that have taken it as their primary gamemode. They are known as the MGE Lords

Welcome to the fourth 2v2 MGE cup. We will be introducing two divisions for the first time. Cup registration will be done in the discord. We look forward to seeing the competition! Bring your best.

Open Division will take place at 8:30 EST July 27

Invite Division will take place at 8:30 EST July 28


Note* Format, prize pool distribution and map pool subject to change


6s combat classes, 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo per team

1 class swap per player per game

The cup will be ran through the discord

The cup is a running schedule and will finish same-day, meaning after each match is finished you wait ~5-15 min for the next round to begin and continue until you are out. DO NOT LEAVE until you are sure you are out of the cup.

OPEN Division

- Double Elim, BO1 games

- Semi/Grand finals will be BO3

INVITE Division

- Double Elim, BO3 games

For BO1 games, worse seed gets 4 map bans and better seed chooses

For BO3 games, teams will follow RGL pick/ban

Prize Pool


1st: 200 keys

2nd: 80 keys

3rd: 40 keys


1st: 40 keys

2nd: 20 keys

3rd-4th: 5 keys

5th-8th: 2 keys

Map Pool

Note* Badlands middle replaced with Sunshine middle

Sunshine middle

Reconner middle

Product middle

Logjam middle

Gullywash 2nd

Granary last

Process middle

Process 2nd